Client //

Weta Limited

Launch //

June 2012

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When presented with the opportunity for Motim Technologies Ltd. to collaborate with Weta on a unique Lord of the Rings collectible, we were never going to pass up the opportunity. Recognized as outstanding artists and with an unparalleled track record in creating intricately detailed sculptures and artwork for the movie industry, Weta is known internationally for its ability to inspire imagination.

Barad-dûr is a forbidding environment, and the extensively detailed collectible created by Weta is an outstanding piece of art. Motim was challenged to add to the experience by recreating the Eye of Sauron as a digital augmentation of the physical sculpture, adding audiovisual effects using mobile augmented reality technology to recreate the effect from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Officially launched at ComicCon 2012, the interaction between a 3D sculpture and LOTR fans has generated a lot of interest in the potential for digital enhancement of movie memorabilia, and Motim is now looking at further collaborations with Weta.