Agency Client //

Wieden + Kennedy


August 2014




Creating fun experiences to demonstrate the waterproof capabilities of new Sony Xperia devices was the ideal brief for Motim.

With no existing solution to detect that the phone was in water, Motim's first challenge was to create a method for identifying that these waterproof devices had been submerged, so we invented a sonar technique using neural networking technology, and subsequently shared that to allow others to create their own fun experiences.

Next we used our advanced rendering engine to allow Goldie, our favorite (virtual) goldfish, to perform tricks in the water, and developed a suite of other experiences including a submarine game, a virtual plant, and a cute virtual umbrella. Meanwhile our friends over at Soft Facade (using Motim's water detection technique) developed a karaoke experience and a photo-processing app, completing the initial line-up of Sony Underwater apps.

Following the successful launch of the devices and apps, it will be interesting to see what creative applications independent developers are able to release using the platform developed by Motim and the Sony Underwater team.