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Sus Boy, Skrillex and his team


March 2014




Arguably the most influential artist in the world's EDM scene, Skrillex has a reputation for delivering his fans something new and surprising. Motim helped realize the latest installment by producing the “Alien Ride” app, available on the Apple iTunes AppStore and Google Play market and embedding the latest Skrillex album “Recess” as a surprise for fans through a unique unlock process.

When fans first downloaded the app (published under Motim Technologies Ltd. to further obscure the bonus features inside), they were presented with an asteroid arcade game and a countdown clock, synchronized worldwide, eventually counting down from 72 hours. As word spread that the app was somehow related to Skrillex and speculation built that it may contain some secret music, download numbers quickly rose and hardcore fans tried desperately to crack the secret of the Alien Ride app. Murmurs of a secret track listing circulated on the internet, by which time the countdown was well underway.

Once the countdown finally expired at midnight EST on March 11, 2014, another layer of the app was revealed, enabling fans to see an emoji interface revealing a new track every thirty minutes. Fans were able to enjoy tracks of the album through the app one week in advance of the full album release, with the game and custom Recess music player living on. Who knows where Skrillex and Motim will take this next?