Agency Partner //

Wunderman UK


December 2008


EU and UK


Capturing the attention of the twenty-something female demographic is an ongoing challenge for marketers.


Our brief was to engage them in rediscovering an established brand (Ford) and considering the product in a new way. Working closely with our agency partner, we created a unique social media distribution that leveraged augmented reality stickers and a mobile AR application that showed the new model Ford Ka in full 3D via their own mobile phone. With different vehicle designs displayed, and a fun way of sharing the experience, the campaign took off.


In addition to the very high usage of the experience directly, the buzz in social media was enormous, with blogs, industry magazines and technology also talking about this innovative and compelling use of technology in a well targeted marketing campaign.


Direct results to the client were also well above expectations, with much higher than anticipated pre-release orders of the new vehicle by the target demographic.