Mobile marketing partner //

Carnival Labs

Agency partner //

First Star Communications

Launch //

Oct 2013

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ampm has been bringing good stuff to American consumers since 1978, fueling up more than just the car at hundreds of service stations within the USA. In 2013 Motim worked with Carnival Labs and First Star Communications to produce a dedicated Good Stuff mobile app for iOS and Android devices to allow ampm customers to win good stuff through a fun game and by scanning QR-codes in ampm stores, while integrating a loyalty card so consumers can be rewarded with free drinks and snacks, as well as having the chance to win major prizes.

The ampm representatives are able to monitor and define reward pools and retail staff can validate claims directly off the mobile app as customers present their rewards. By designing a flexible architecture the Good Stuff app can be used as an ongoing part of the ampm experience, ensuring more consumers continue to enjoy Good Stuff at ampm.